Welcome to Saint John Paul II Schools E-learning portal.

Our educational programs, activities and administrative practices are guided by the following beliefs. We believe that:
Every child is born with innate abilities and potentials which should be nurtured to assist the child maximize his God-given potentials.
All children are different and therefore learn in their own unique way.
Children have within them a natural urge to explore and discover the world around them and find joy in learning when they are actively engaged in the learning process.
Children learn best in an environment of mutual respect and one that provides opportunities for cognitive, social, emotional, moral and physical growth.

Based on our beliefs, we strive to achieve the following at Saint John Paul II Montessori Schools.

To guide children in their natural development and aid the total development of the child.
To encourage and celebrate each child’s individuality in all areas of learning.
To provide rich experiences through a concrete understanding of the local and international environment.
To encourage your child to have a love of nature and an understanding of his cosmic role.

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